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October 21, 2015

Webinar on "Urban Climate Resilience and Decision Making with Focus on Water "

Stelios Grafakos, a lead climate change specialist from the Institute for Housing and Development Studies, will deliver a webinar at the International Center for Climate Governance in Venice, Italy on October 22, 2015. The theme of the webinar is Urban Climate Resilience and Decision Making with Focus on Water which is part of the Climate Resilient Urban Development module.

At first Stelios will introduce decision making analysis for urban climate resilience and water related issues with particular focus on multi criteria analysis (MCA) approach. This approach has been widely used in environmental and climate change assessment and decision making on prioritizing different policies, actions, measures against multiple criteria. Often urban climate change adaptation and water related actions (e.g. flood protection measures, water management options) generate multiple sustainability benefits (co-benefits) other than purely environmental or climate change related ones.

During the webinar Stelios therefore explains why cities should explore how to incorporate these multiple sustainability aspects of actions in their decision making. During this session Stelios challenges the main elements, characteristics, steps, strengths and weakness of MCA within the urban climate resilience and water related context.

Stelios Grafakos is an environmental economist with 15 years of working experience in the field of environment, sustainability and climate change. He is working as a scientific advisor and researcher in the field of urban sustainability and climate change mitigation and adaptation in urban areas. His research interests and experience lie towards the urban sustainability assessment and evaluation, environmental decision making and analysis, environmental economics and ecosystems valuation and urban low carbon and climate resilient development and planning.

Registration is required. For registration please click here.

For more information and registration: or 041/2700443 (Giovanna Bettio).

Working language: English

Date and time: 22nd October, 12:00 CET