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October 5, 2015

Urban Thinkers Campus: Healthy and Just Cities for Children and Youth

Date: Wednesday, 28th October 

Venue: The International Environment House - Geneva, Switzerland 

How can cities promote healthy, economically vibrant and inclusive environments through water, waste and work?

World Vision’s “Healthy and Just Cities for Children and Youth” Urban Thinkers Campus will focus on principles, policies and action planning aimed at improving access to water, waste and sanitation within informal settlements. It will also explore potential business models for engaging young people in safe and dignified employment within these sectors.

Featuring speakers from UN-Habitat, WHO, ILO, Eawag, WasteAID, SKAT and Plastic Bank, the Campus invites participants to learn and debate on:

- The issues of urban water, waste and sanitation, and its impact on communities, specially children and youth

- The challenge of child labour rampant within the waste sector, and policy changes required 

- The role of small medium enterprises and their contribution to promote youth employment opportunities 

- Inter-sectoral partnerships required to promote healthy and prosperous environments

- Children and youth participation and their contribution to sustainable urban solutions

World Vision invites you to join the debate and help build consensus on solutions that will contribute to healthy and just cities for children and youth.

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