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April 30, 2015

First SUSTAIN E-Learning Course Successfully Held

Up to 60 participants from all over the world have joined the course on Climate Resilient Urban Development, the first e-learning course from the SUSTAIN Project. The participants were undergraduate students, college graduates, or post graduate students in the fields of urban planning, environmental science and other related disciplines. 

The e-learning course, which was organized by the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam, was held last March 16-27, 2015. The e-learning course offered a combination of self-paced and facilitated learning approaches through Blackboard learning environment. The course offered a series of lectures in combination with expert tutorials, peer discussions, case studies, group work, and tools for decision making.

The e-learning course enabled participants to recognize climate change impacts in developing and developed cities and the linkages of climate change with development goals and resilience, acquire skills to characterize the different ways in which cities are mitigating their exposure to climate change or adapting to its impacts; and practice the main components of planning for climate change through targeted exercises in diverse city contexts. Learn more about the e-learning course through this video.

Here are some of the testimonials from the e-learning course participants.

 “The course has provided a premise to refresh my knowledge on how cities shape climate change issues, the case reviews were quite beneficial. Importantly, I find the group assignment on MCA quite fascinating. I look forward to this kind of group collaborations and the application of MCA in actual practice.” Sherif Rezak

 “I really enjoyed participating in the course - it placed everything around mitigation and adaptation into a much clearer context for me and I look forward to working on projects like this again in the future. I really liked getting some hands on experience with the Climate PRIO tool, it made me think differently about the type of projects that one would propose as part of a climate change action plan and how the involvement of other stakeholders is crucial in order to make the process function properly.” Adrie Fourie

 “Thank you for this opportunity. Each and every session was a great learning experience for me. The e-course was organized well with the reading materials already uploaded on Refworks, made it very easy to access information, rather than someone having to search for it online. Additionally, having in place online or recorded lectures was a big plus as it helped with the understanding of what the literature was alluding to. The webinars were especially important as one was able to seek for clarification from the lecture on real time. “Maureen Babu

The SUSTAIN Project will introduce and implement two (2) more e-learning courses. Details about the e-learning courses will be found through this learning resources page. We will provide you with more information about the e-learning courses, such as on the application and admission procedures; dates, course duration, and work load; coordinating universities and contact persons. You can also contact us through