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October 14, 2015

Erasmus Mundus Mobility With Asia: Apply now for Cohort 3!

On-line Application

The application for students and staffs are done on line. Applicants will have first to register on the Application Web Site providing a valid email address and a password.Then they will be allowed to login, to modify and update their personal data. They will have to submit their application before the deadline of the Application Process.

The three Application Processes (cohorts):

  1. The first application process opened from Friday 15th November 2013 to Tuesday 31st December 2013. It concerns staffs (33) and Doctoral students (15) : see the mobility grants offer 2014 for the first cohort.The results (list of the id of the 48 selected students and staffs and the one in the reserve list is available here).

  2. The second application process will opened from Wednesday 1rst October 2014 to Saturday 15st November 2014. It concerns Asian undergrad and Master students (27+38),  Asian Doctoral students (8) and Asian Post Docs (6). See mobility grants offer 2015for the second cohort. The results (list of the id of the 71 selected students and the one in the reserve list is available here).

  3. The third application process will open from Thursday 1rst October 2015 to Sunday 15st November 2015. It concerns European Undergrad (10), Master (11) and Doctoral (7) students, European Post Docs (7) for a semester abroad and European staffs (2) for one month abroad. It also concerns  and Asian Undergrad (8) and Master (9) students but only students belonging to Target Group 3 (see TG3) and Asian Post Docs (8). See Mobility grants offers 2016.

Before applying we recommend you to carefully read and  understood the Mobility Programme and figure out how your project may receive support from EMMAsia 2014 (EMMAE14).

Please note that other Erasmus Mundus partnerships do exist for the same geographic lot : AREAS+,LOTUS, and SAT and may also offer interesting scholarships for you.

First you need to set up your Mobility Project: where to go and what to study or what kind of research to do abroad?

You can find the list of the European Partner Universities (EPU) and the Asian Partner Universities (APU) here. Once you have chosen your host University (only mobility from Asia to Europe or from Europe to Asia is eligible),  go to the web page of the University you are interested in and look at its academic offer or the available doctorate or post doctorate position offers. Be carefull that not all fields of study are taught everywhere thus, please, look  for the courses/programmes of your interest and check related requirements and especially the language of teaching (for undergrad and Master). For Undergrad and Master students, consult your home referents on the appropriateness of your choices as  they will be responsible of recognizing your academic activity at the end of your experience abroad as a part of your home programme.

When ready with your Mobility Project, prepare the needed documents (see below) and go on the Application Web Site, fill your personal data and upload your documents. No application or required documents sent through email or regular mail will be accepted.

List of required documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Transcript of record (most recent available)

  • Motivation letter

  • one or more recommendation letter(s) from your professor(s) or colleagues.

  • If TG3 an official document showing you belong to a vulnerable group

  • If physically disable an official document showing your disability

  • If applying for visiting a host laboratory (doctorate or post doctorate), an invitation letter or proof of contact

To optimize your chance to be selected, you are strongly encouraged to read and take into account before submitting your application the Emma Selection Criteria: once submitted, your application will be graded by at least two assessors, one home and one host using the following questionnaire home award criteria and host award criteria.

Here's the link to EMMA: Erasmus Mundus Mobility with Asia.