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February 19, 2016

This week on careers, scholarships and opportunities on sustainable urban development:

  • 2016 His Majesty the King’s Scholarships and Her Majesty the Queen’s Scholarships: "The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) manages a number of Master’s level scholarships provided by the Royal Thai Government (RTG) to qualified candidates with excellent academic qualifications from Thailand and other Asian countries". Click here for more information.

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August 17, 2015

Europe, a beautiful continent with a rich history, amazing architecture, adorned by beaches and islands, spectacular views of the northern lights, palaces and gardens of ancient royalty to the homes and memorials of some of the most prominent artists the world has seen. It is, without doubt, a dream destination to many. I lived in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, for one year studying at IHS as a Nuffic fellow. Living as a student, preoccupied with studies and managing finances, one may expect the romanticized dream destination view of Europe to fade, but instead the experience only strengthened this image and made it more real instead of dream-like.

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