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Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies

Rotterdam, Netherlands
Type: GD
Length: 3 months
5 250€
Area of Study: Urban Development
Funding Opportunities: Fellowships, Grants, External Aid

Urban Management and Development Theories

This course offers the latest theory on urban development and management. It guides participants through economic, social and environmental urban theories and links these to the latest management theories, including theories on policies, plans, finances and governance structures. It offers the knowledge to analyse urban development and to manage the cities of the future.
The course joins the first three months of the Master of Science in Urban Management and Development. It comprises 7 courses of about two weeks each (total of 18 ECTS).
Urban Development Theories, including development theory, city life cycle, urban competitiveness, urban networking and informality.
It encompasses the following areas:

  • Urban Policy and Planning, including the policy cycle, participative planning and action planning
  • Local Government Finance
  • Economic and Financial Analysis
  • Urban Social Studies
  • Public Management
  • Sustainable Cities and Climate Change
  • Training Methodology

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