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International Network for Educational Support in Higher Education (INNES)

Vienna, Austria
Type: Short Course
Length: 2 weeks
Area of Study: Urban Water Management

Urban Living with Water

The course will address basic principles of stormwater management approaches in urban areas, such as Low Impact Development (LID), Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), Sustainable Urban Drainage Schemes (SUDS), Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD), etc. The course focus will be on low-rise high density housing (LRHD) area opportunities and limitations for stormwater management approaches implementation. As an addition to basic principles and criteria for urban planning and design of LRHD areas, environmental, sanitation and climate aspects for stormwater elements and measures will be included and shown. You will visit a number of exemplary Vienna locations, and you will be a part of multidisciplinary team that will work on the design project on a selected location in Vienna. In the project work you are expected to recognize and demonstrate potential, possibilities and limitations of rainwater harvesting as a part of stormwater management approach in urban design treatment of open spaces in selected LRHD area. The course goal is to establish mutual understanding and joint framework for all involved disciplines in the stormwater management for the purpose of quality of life improvement.

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