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ParisTech - Paris Institute of Technology

Paris, France
Type: Msc
Length: 3 years
Cost: Free
Area of Study: Sustainable Transport
Entry Requirements: Bachelors degree, French degree Licence or DSAA, Mathematics level

Transport and sustainable development

Teaching language is French! Transport systems represent one of the fundamental pillars of a sustainable development approach for societies. They play a structuring role for human geography, impact the global and local environments and are located at the centre of the development of economic and social systems. Land-use planning, segregation of urban space, security problems, congestion, local atmospheric pollution, the greenhouse effect and the explosion of demand for mobility are just some of the challenges facing engineers in the 21st century. The TraDD Master´s programme provides engineers and economists of diverse nationalities with the necessary tools to position transport in a sustainable development process. It offers 700 hours of courses that enable students to:

  • understand the determining factors in transport demand (cargo and passengers);
  • determine the relevant fields of the different transport methods or combinations of methods;
  • identify technological, organisational and behavioural solutions that can be implemented to provide credible; operational responses to sustainable transport issues.

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