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Reykjavik University

Reykjavík, Iceland
Type: Msc
Length: 1.5 year
9 659€
Local Cost: 1,500,000 ISK
Area of Study: Sustainable Energy
Entry Requirements: Bachelors degree in Engineering, Geoscience, or Business
Degree Basis: Project
Funding Opportunities: Scholarships, Grants, External Aid

Sustainable Energy

The MSc in Sustainable Energy is a broad-based, highly adaptable programme, based on practical and fieldwork experience. Students study sustainable energy from the perspective of business, science and technology and learn about a wide range of renewable technologies that suit different regions and societies. This includes: geothermal energy, hydroelectric power, wind power and energy efficiency. Taking advantage of our position in Iceland, a global leader in renewable energy development, our students are offered the unique opportunity to experience the whole sustainable energy process from the power plant to the development of sustainable energy law at government level. Upon completing the programme students will be able to apply their skills and knowledge to developing solutions to energy related problems.

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