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Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies

Rotterdam, Netherlands
Type: GD
Length: 3 months
5 500€
Area of Study: Urban Development Housing
Entry Requirements: Bachelors degree. At least 3 yrs work or academic experience. Ability to interact and work with people from very diverse cultures
Degree Basis: Case Study

International Course on Housing and Urban Development

Designed for urban professionals with at least 3 years of working or research experience, this course offers the opportunity to join part of the specialization period of the MSc programme in Urban Management and Development. Participants can tailor the study programme to their own needs and interest by choosing two of the six offered specialization courses.

Applicants have to select one of the following 6 specialisations in offer:

  • Managing and Financing Urban Infrastructure (MFUI)
  • Urban Housing and Livelihoods (UHL)
  • Urban Environmental Management and Climate Change (UECC)
  • Integrated Planning and Strategies (IPS)
  • Urban Land Development (ULD)
  • Urban Competitiveness and Resilience (UCR)

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