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Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies

Rotterdam, Netherlands
Type: GD
Length: 3 weeks
2 500€
Area of Study: Urban Greening
Entry Requirements: Bachelors degree. Ability to interact and work with people from very diverse cultures
Degree Basis: Case Study
Funding Opportunities: Fellowships, Grants, External Aid

Green Cities for Eco-efficiency

The course is designed for local and national elected representatives, policymakers, city community leaders such as mayors and councillors, high officials in central government, NGOs and private sector, Urban planes and professionals involved in improving the urban environment and wellbeing of the citizens.
On completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the latest thinking on sustainability and eco-restoration for cities
  • Describe the environmental and economic impact of energy consumption
  • Develop effective and sustainable local energy plans and policies in response to environmental, economic and social challenges faced by cities.

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