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Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies

Rotterdam, Netherlands
Type: GD
Length: 3 weeks
2 750€
Area of Study: Housing
Entry Requirements: Bachelors degree

Developing Social Housing Projects

Social housing as it is understood in the European context faces many challenges in day-to-day practice in the developing world. Alternative housing products, the lack of capacity at local government and/or other institutional structures for social housing need to be considered and addressed. Social housing is understood as an affordable formal housing solutions in the context of this course.

The main feature of this course is the exposure to and interactions with professionals and institutions related to the social housing sector in the Netherlands, in order to understand the principles that govern social housing. The course provides a rich exposure for participants to the different aspects that make up the social housing sector: institutional, regulatory and legal frameworks, property management, financing models, maintenance of social housing and social housing project and programme design. This is complemented with excursions to social housing projects and delivered through a wide range of teaching methodologies on the theory and practice for the development of social housing programmes.

This course is primarily designed to build the capacity of social housing developers in both private and public sectors. Social housing is understood here as an affordable formal housing solution, delivered by private and/or public sectors. It targets housing and planning officials in national and local governments, housing professionals from housing-related institutions, the private sector, NGO sector, real estate developers and councilors involved in housing delivery. The professionals targeted are developers, architects, urban designers, building inspectors, (construction) engineers, policy makers and housing programme/project managers.

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