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Deepen your knowledge and improve your expertise in sustainable urban development. Higher Education Institutes are at the forefront of sustainable urbanization research and provide valuable training and education to urban development and planning professionals.

Students should capitalize on what higher education programs have to offer, build their skills in developing unique urban sustainability pathways and lifestyles, and be part of the growing number of scholars in the field of sustainability and urban development.

Our student guide covers programmes related to sustainable urban development; internship positions and job opportunities in organizations working in the field; and city networks and partnerships. Moreover, you will learn about the practical information of studying in Europe.


Looking for a Course

Understand your city. Invest in your future. Get introduced to the different programmes related to sustainable urban development in higher education institutes.

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Career Opportunities

Find out where you can apply your knowledge and skills in sustainable urban development and planning either on an internship level or in actual work.

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Networks and Partnerships

Learn more about networks and partnerships in a city near you. Find out how you can engage in sustainable urban development actions and initiatives.

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Practical Information

Be familiar with some of the practical information that you need to know (e.g. funding and cost of living) when you decide to study in a Higher Education Institute in Europe.

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