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Visual Promethee

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Visual PROMETHEE is a desktop tool that implements the Multicriteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) methods PROMETHEE and GAIA. PROMETHEE is a popular MCDA method, proposed by J.P. Brans and B. Mareschal over 30 years ago The methodology has been massively implemented by decision analysts and consultants worldwide. The software has been developed with the participation of the authors of PROMETHEE.

Practitioners can use Visual PROMETHEE in any kind of multicriteria decision problems (sustainable development, urban planning, investment strategy, human resources problems, benchmarks, and many more)

PROMETHEE is used in order to aid a Decision Maker (i) rank, (ii) sort, or (iii) select the most preferred alternative action in a multicriteria decision making problem. GAIA is a visualization tool of PROMETHEE.

The tool greatly facilitates the implementation of PROMETHEE methods and produces attractive visualizations, based on GAIA.

Just like most MCDA method and tool, Visual PROMEETHEE requires as input the different alternative actions, the different evaluation criteria, and a table depicting the rating of each action over each different criterion.

Visual PROMETHEE is a MS-Windows program. It runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and later.

It is possible to run Visual PROMETHEE on Linux or MacOS systems using a virtual machine (e.g. WINE for Linux systems). All functionalities are not necessarily available in this case. Native MacOS and iOS versions of Visual PROMETHEE are still not available.

Visual PROMETHEE can be used as a decision support system in module “Energy”.