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Sustainable value framework

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The Sustainable Value Framework is an offline tool that helps organizations to identify strategies and practices that contribute to a more sustainable world while simultaneously driving shareholder value.  The tool is useful for across industries in the private sector.

The output of the tool is mapped portfolio of activities for sustainable value.

The tool works by stimulating firms to identify and map their current activities.  This exercise reveals the further opportunities associated with sustainability and connects them to dimensions of value creation for the firm.

To use the tool you need to have an overview of the firm’s current activities on sustainable value creation.

To use the tool a blackboard is useful with the framework mapped out.  Stick notes can then be used to position current sustainable value creation initiatives.  The exercise needs the involvement of the sustainability department and ideally the Chief Sustainability Officer.

This tool can be used in the group business case assignment in the Corporate Sustainability and Green Cities module.


Introduction freely available from: