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Place-based enterprise framework

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The place-based enterprise framework is an offline tool that helps understand how a place-based enterprise may interact with the three categories of place -- geographic location, locale, and sense of place. The tool is useful for across industries in the private sector in considering how it may manage from a place-based perspective, recognizing how place may affect its operations and how it may help to place-build.

The output of the tool is the mapped interactions between the focal organization and the determinants of place.

The tool works by stimulating firms to identify and map their interactions with place.  This exercise reveals the opportunities and constraints offered by place and opportunities of how the enterprise may seek to build place.

To use the tool you need to have an overview of a focal firm’s current operations within a particular place.

To use the tool a blackboard is useful with the framework mapped out. Stick notes can then be used to build up the interactions and determinants particular to the place. The exercise needs the involvement of the sustainability department and ideally the Chief Sustainability Officer.

This tool can be used as a working exercise within the Corporate Sustainability and Green Cities module.

Additional information:

Kennedy, S., Whiteman, G and von Schwedler, M. (In press) ‘A Place-based analysis of sustainable water management.’ In: Markman, G. and Guerber, A. (eds) Sustainability, Society, Business Ethics, and Entrepreneurship. World Scientific Publishing