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Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories (GPC)

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The Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories (GPC) is a widely endorsed standard for cities to measure and report their greenhouse gas (GHG). The GPC uses a robust and clear framework to establish credible emissions accounting and reporting practices, thereby helping cities develop an emissions baseline, set mitigation goals, create more targeted climate action plans and track progress over time. By using the GPC, cities will also strengthen vertical integration of data reporting to other levels of government, and should gain improved access to local and international climate financing.

The GPC provides its users with a standardized and widely endorsed protocol to develop a GHG inventory. The key technical information available in the GPC includes:

  • Accounting and reporting principles, including guidance on defining GHG inventory boundaries and reporting requirements.
  • Guidance for GHG emission calculation according to sectors (ie. stationary energy, transportation, waste, industrial processes and product use, agriculture, forestry and other land use); and

Guidance on tracking emissions and managing the inventory’s quality over time including verification.

The GPC is a protocol available in digital format (.pdf) and publicly accessible on the internet from the Global Greenhouse Protocol website as well as from the partners websites (ICLEI, C40, WRI).

Users of the GPC must be familiar with key concepts in climate science including greenhouse gas, mitigation concepts and strategies, basic understanding of the scope and purpose of GHG inventories as well as the sources of GHG emissions. 

The GPC is a useful tool for all participants in the SUSTAIN project to grasp the concepts and principles of GHG inventories as well as to acquire in-depth understanding of the widely endorsed standard for GHG inventories. All participants learning about low-emission development solutions or training in decision-making support or project management should become familiar with the principles of GHG emissions inventories such as they are described in the GPC.