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Climact Prio Tool

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CLIMACT Prio is a climate awareness, decision support and capacity building tool for screening and prioritizing of local climate change actions. CLIMACT Prio utilises a multi-criteria approach to assist decision makers and urban planners to identify a wide range of decision criteria and set priorities among objectives while performing an analysis and assessment of climate change (mitigation or adaptation) actions. This method does not necessarily identify an “optimal” option, but rather requires the user to draw conclusions by looking at different components of the whole picture of the assessment and prioritization process, while seeking a consensus decision between stakeholders with different needs, concerns, and priorities. 

CLIMACT Prio tool provides an interactive format to help users structure and define the decisions under consideration. The tool asks the user to enter information through a guided menu of instructions and uses a menu-driven graphic representation of results for the evaluation of climate change actions. The user first identifies specific actions to be screened according to their feasibility and then selects the impact assessment criteria and objectives that will be used to assess the selected actions. While following the climate actions prioritization process, the users rate the relative importance of criteria and assign scores (qualitative and quantitative) to describe how each option meets each criterion.