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Carbonn Climate Registry

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The carbonn Climate Registry is the world’s leading reporting platform to enhance transparency, accountability and credibility of climate action of local and subnational governments.  It is designated as the central repository of the Compact of Mayors.  

Only local governments may register and report to the cCR, however the data reported is, to an extent, publicly available (see Output).

Non-registered and non-local government users of the cCR may access summary sheets of the reporting cities with a snapshot of their commitment and performance data. 

For Local Governments reporting on the cCR platform the outputs and benefits are :

  • Visibility and recognition as a leading actor in climate and adaptation work;
  • Credibility resulting from transparent and accountable reports of your mitigation and adaptation achievements;
  • Inspiration for peer local governments to see, share and inspire one another;
  • Standardization of their  greenhouse gas emission reports;

Contributing to making a strong case for empowering local and regional climate action.

The cCR is a database operated by the Bonn Center For Local Climate Action hosted at the World Secretariat of ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability. It is the designated central repository of the Compact of Mayors. Only local governments may report to the cCR through online and offline reporting forms, after registration.

cCR reporting governments can report their climate information to the cCR both online and offline. The reporting sheets include the number of climate commitments, availability of latest GHG inventories and number of climate actions (in mitigation and adaptation), including proposals in need of funding.

In order to browse the publicly available database of the cCR, users must have access to internet.

The cCR database shows the breadth of local climate action across the world. It also provides users with summaries of the key climate commitments taken by reporting local governments as well as graphs of their GHG emissions performance. The city list in the cCR also indicates how many climate projects (both adaptation and mitigation projects) a local government has reported.

This database can serve to inspire case studies, research projects and other evidence-based assignments for all the SUSTAIN modules.


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