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Learning for the cities of tomorrow

Learning Modules

  • Sustainable Urban Development & Planning
  • Sustainable Energy & Low Carbon Development
  • Climate Resilient Urban Development
  • Corporate Sustainability & Green Cities
  • Sustainable Mobility & Urban Planning
  • Sustainable Tourism in Cities
  • Urban Transition Management
  • Urban Infrastructure
  • Sustainable Urban Water Management
  • The challenge of sustainable urban development calls for professionals who can bridge disciplinary borders. Learn about planning and developing urban societies in a way that brings together human and environmental needs.

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  • Cities absorb the world’s fossil fuel production and will soon be under great pressure to find alternative energy sources. Learn about the main concepts and tools for sustainable urban energy planning in development

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  • Understand how cities can manage the impacts of climate change. Get introduced to the basic concepts on and sound examples of urban resilience, and participate in a simulated exercise on local action planning.

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  • Business is a critical urban actor. Know how business leaders are taking this challenge seriously and develop ideas on the role of corporate sustainability in urban development.

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  • In urban areas mobility is a core issue and the realization of sustainable mobility is a complex task. Get informed about the successful management of sustainable mobility and urban planning.

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  • Tourism in cities creates many sustainability issues. Find out possibilities for coherent development strategies for sustainable urban tourism.

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  • Get informed about transition management and reflect on how to apply this approach in your urban context to mobilize existing potential towards action for urban sustainability.

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  • Networked infrastructures provide the backbone for urban economies. Get acquainted with urban infrastructures and its impacts on sustainable urban development.

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  • Water is one of the most important and all-encompassing urban resources. Learn about innovative and sustainable ways to deal with urban water issues in the context of climate change.

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