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University of Leeds

Leeds, United Kingdom
Type: Msc
Length: 1 year
8 332€
Local Cost: £6,600
Area of Study: Sustainable Transport
Entry Requirements: Bachelors degree
Degree Basis: Thesis

Sustainability (Transport)

The way the world thinks about transport has changed. We now look for responses beyond ‘predict and provide’, and take a more holistic and longer-term view about the future of transport and its relationship with the development of sustainable communities. This integrated Masters programme provides insight into this evolving debate and addresses fundamental issues such as ‘how can transport contribute to more sustainable development?’
Students learn to:

  • conduct strategic reviews of transport and land-use policy
  • evaluate frameworks for understanding sustainable development
  • consider the roles that governments, markets and community groups can play in encouraging sustainability
  • undertake sustainability assessments
  • conduct land-use zoning and development control exercises
  • evaluate key policy interventions which integrate economic imperatives with sustainable development
  • apply a range of tools and techniques to real-world case studies.

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