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Brunel University

London, United Kingdom
Type: Msc
Length: 1 year
7 878€
Local Cost: £6,250
Area of Study: Climate Change
Entry Requirements: Bachelors degree
Degree Basis: Thesis

Climate Change Impacts and Sustainability

This is a multi-school, interdisciplinary programme that explores the likely impacts of global climate change on society and the wider environment and to instil the skills to develop creative and evidenced solutions.
We aim to provide students with an interdisciplinary knowledge of the potential impacts of global warming and climate change across a variety of key areas, including public health, business and economics, national and international policy and technological development, underpinned by a critical understanding of the concept of sustainability as applied to resource and energy use.
In so doing, we aim to meet the changing needs of society by generating graduates able to tackle the challenges presented by climate change, thus preparing them for careers that will likely span the transition to a post-carbon economy.

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